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About Us

We are currently a second generation of our family operating four Azteca Mexican Restaurants in the Quad City area. (Azteca 1, Azteca 2, Azteca 3 and Azteca Express).

We focus on sourcing high quality ingredients, from local providers, freshly prepared in each of our four locations.

These are family recipes that are long standing Quad City favorites.

We make our own sauces and salsa from scratch.

We hand cut all our veggies fresh, and sear high quality, well-marbled skirt steak for our sizzling fajitas.

It's not fast food, it's fresh food.

Wrapped in centuries-old traditions of hospitality and culture, we want Azteca Mexican Restaurants to be warm and welcoming.

We invite you come dine with us and celebrate every day.

Our parents moved to the Quad Cities from California to help operate the first Azteca restaurant in the Walnut Center.

After starting as wait staff, in a rather short time, our mother and father were able to buy into a percentage of ownership of the restaurant. With hard work and dedication, they eventually became 50/50 partners.

Due to popular demand, they opened a second location (Azteca 2) on 53rd Street, near Elmore Avenue.

Again, with hard work and dedication and due to the tremendous support of the Quad City residents, they opened a third location (Azteca 3) on Spruce Hills Drive in Bettendorf.

Recently, our family became 100% ownership of those three locations.

They also opened a smaller restaurant (Azteca Express) near the Five Points on Locust Street in Davenport.

Currently, the second generation of our family operates those four Azteca Mexican Restaurant locations. 

We grew up in the Quad City area. We have strong ties to this area. We support several local charities to help our community.

We are so grateful to our loyal customer base for supporting our 'family of restaurants'.

Muchos Gracious Amigos!

Be sure to sign up for the Fiesta Club Rewards Program and get exclusive deals for dining and celebrating at Azteca Mexican Restaurants.

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Image of an Aztecan symbol